Sri Lanka has been famous for gemstones from the earliest times. It is an important export trade today many areas in the sabaragamuwa province are well known for gems. Ratnapura is the most important region for gems Ratnapura means the City of Gems. It has gem museums displaying the wide range of gems available in the country. The Blue Sapphire is the king of Sri Lankan gems The 400 carat blue sapphire called the Blue Bell which adorns the British crown is from Sri Lanka Rubies cat s eyes alexandrite aquamarines tourmalines spinals topazes garnets and amethysts are some of the precious stones found in Sri Lanka.
gemsThe cutting of gems is a specialize job Gems are cut and polished
Before they are set Different regions in the country haw different ways of making jeweler Gems are generally worn for their beauty people also deli eve that gems have the power to bring luck.
The craft was handed down from father to son now women too work in the gem trade.


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